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Claude Monet - Bordighera (detail), 1884

Claude Monet - Bordighera (detail), 1884


Character Development » Daryl Dixon

"Yeah, you know umm… The thing about Daryl is, I mean… he can hunt. He can protect you. He can survive on his own. But, he can’t really uhh… connect with you emotionally. So, it’s… It’s sort-of a different a… different vibe for Daryl.

You know umm… I’ve been saying it. Like, Daryl’s the type of guy that, like, uhh… Like, he needs a hug. But, if you try to hug him - he’ll try to stab you.” - Norman Reedus During S2

Simon Alexandre-Clement Denis - Study of Clouds with a Sunset near Rome (detail)

Simon Alexandre-Clement Denis - Study of Clouds with a Sunset near Rome (detail)

This Night Is Going Great -_-

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the walking dead + Ladies




I just saw carol-on and her Tyreese on television, while watching tmz. Look at you.

TMZ, seriously?? No way! Thanks so much for telling me! :)

Yep yep! They were talking about the zombie walk and how that deaf man drove through people. And they…

I hope her arm is okay and that she feels better. I just felt really bad for everyone that got driven through. And of course I do! Also, your cosplay literally slayed. Like, it was so so good and your group as a whole, as well.

The Ringleader. The Archer. The Samurai. The Kid.


i find it interesting that the emotionally strong women of twd are seen as weak, but the emotionally weak men of twd are seen as strong.

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for a second I thought they used the exact quote and everything like WOW

I’m just furious, right now, to be honest. 

“When Daryl comes back to her room and says “He’s gone,” and she says “Daryl, I don’t cry anymore,” it was special. That scene… it’s one of my favorite scenes of the episode. Because she hugs Daryl. He looks uncomfortable, and he touches her elbow. When I cut that episode together, I wanted to make sure that he looked uncomfortable. When she looks up at him with her big eyes and her sweater falls off her shoulder and she pulls her sweater back up, it’s such a beautiful connection between the two of them. I love that in the middle of her momentary grief, she looks at Daryl and says, “Are you okay?” It’s such a beautiful moment.” - Greg Nicotero


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"We have a great time connecting with fans" (x)