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"I can't hear you. One half of my ship is the other half of my ship's candle in the darkness."

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i dont want to remember what you said



tumblr friendships are hard to maintain like im sorry i know i havent talked to you in 5 months but you’re still super rad and i still consider us friends im just dumb

I don’t cry any more.

"There’s chemistry that pops up all over the show. And I even thought in the beginning of… What was it? Last season? I thought there was an interesting thing. Like, are Daryl and Michonne going to have something? I felt like there was a little sizzle there. And then I was like, no. That’s a friendship and that’s a shared vendetta against the Governor. Or whatever it was. And then this chemistry kind-of starts to look between Michonne and Rick. But, I read things on the page and it’s not really until I’m there and I’m watching and little seeds kind-of get planted. But, reading that episode between Norman and Emily’s characters, I just thought ‘That would be interesting’. That would be really - because of the age difference. Because, they’re both thinking it’s the end of the world. Him being such a guarded damaged soul. And she’s so young and sweet. And just the…. that’s real in this world. Like, that’s a - that’s real things that people need from each other and can help each other."

- Lauren Cohan on Daryl and Beth. [x] (via c-sand)

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"I feel like Andrea's little sister Amy would have gotten along great with Beth had she survived. I have this idea they would be best friends. What do you think ?"

I mean, I think Beth gets along with pretty much everybody. She’s sweet and kind and helpful. And she talks to people, wants to get to know them, and cares about their well being. How old was Amy? She was around Maggie’s age, right? Early twenty something? So, she’d probably of gotten along really well with Maggie. But, I /do/ think that in the Z.A. the pair of them would be considered fairly close in age; seeing as there’s not a lot of people around. And that would’ve helped them out, friendship wise. Having another girl around who’s on the younger side and isn’t her sister; someone who wouldn’t look at her in that regard. And that they probably would’ve become friends, yeah. Hard not to, when you only have a few people around for company.


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